Little Miss O

When UN Studio asked them to design certain areas for their major project, the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, CONCRETE AMSTERDAM based all its designwork, down to the very detail on the specific identity of the owner. Their aim was to create identity within a total space experience: create individual worlds where a single visitor identifies with and which invites him to stay. The dishes, table linen and silverware in the restaurant as well as the division of the spaces are all in a way renditions of the three-pointed Mercedes Benz logo.
LITTLE MISS O, which is placed in the children island, is a result from that research and provides an ideal playground where to nurse children and play with them.
Custom colours or sizes available upon request.
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QM Upholstered   CAT 1 | CAT 2 | COM
QM Tex
QM Foam | QM Plus

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