Nora sofa

a new modular sofa concept

Nora sofa designed by Lionel Doyen and engineered by SDC lab

NORA a modular sofa concept

designed by Lionel Doyen

Nora is the result of a long-standing collaboration with the SDC team.

Together, for more than 10 years, we have worked on numerous interior design projects around the world. And it was during a dinner in Milan, during the furniture fair, that we had the idea and the desire to develop a new tailor-made furniture solution.

Based on the observation that the sofas are ultimately modular only upon purchase, we imagined creating a seating system allowing the customer to choose his configuration, not only at the time of purchase but also to be able to vary it throughout. the duration of its use. The intention was there.

 During the creation process, while maintaining the monolithic spirit of standard SDC sofas, we opted for more refinement, with a mix of materials (wood, aluminum, fabrics), and a wide range of options.

We wanted a collection that was practical for the hospitality market, and also attractive for the residential market. A solution, as comfortable as possible, with a minimum of raw material.

For this, we used HD PU foam modules mounted on a frame, and favored aluminum extrusion: resilience, lightness, recycling.

This innovative design allows maximum flexibility of composition, both indoors and outdoors.

This range offers many possibilities. It allows you to define THE ideal configuration according to space and the intended use. We can just as easily promote exchanges as create private spaces.

We also offer the possibility of integrating a coffee table directly on the base.

In short, the Nora collection responds to an approach, that of offering a maximum of design possibilities with a single basic product.

Its fluid and contemporary lines, its frame mounted on a solid wood base and highlighted with a stainless steel ring, gives it a timeless elegance. 

Project Details

designed by Lionel Doyen – engineered by SDC_lab