Centre Pompidou Paris
More than ‘just coated foam benches’ – power integrations


Centre Pompidou in Paris receives thousands of visitors every day. In Paris, this museum is one of the hotspots for tourists and visitors. Power integrations.

The building from architect Renzo Piano houses already for many years some pieces produced by SDC_lab. In 2015 SDC_lab was commissioned to produce some special pieces designed by Jakob MacFarlane. These pieces have been installed in the central areas of the building where huge crowds gather before their visit. This furniture is a special construction and the coated foam is in our QM Foam skin Plus

Later on,  the Centre asked us to create ‘custom blocks’ with very clever construction details that can’t be seen by its users.  These blocks should serve the Museum are and had to be present in the room without distracting the visitors.  The custom Square and rectangular blocks have been equipped with power integration. The museum knows their visitors sometimes need to charge their smartphones.

Take a look at these customized power integrations.  Powered by Centre Pompidou, designed by SDC_lab.