Forum des Images – Paris – 2008

by | aug 24, 2016


The Forum des images, located at the heart of the Forum des Halles, offers the audience a wide and varied programme (films, festivals and events, meetings, Académie, film collections, film production activities). The Collections room at Forum des Images provides, on request, free access to more than 7,000 films. Film lovers have a choice of seating: a settee or an alcove seat in the Grand Salon or a seat in the Small Amphi or in one of the two salons that can host up to 7 people.The private screening can then begin, and spectators have a fantastic choice of short and full-length films, fiction and documentaries, current events, etc. The Parisian collection puts particular emphasis on films featuring the French capital, which range from the film of the World Fair of 1900 to Marie-Antoinette by Sofia Coppola.


Project Details

Client Forum des Images
Date  2008

Custom made furniture

After a period of 3 to 4 months, Quinze & Milan finalized the drawings from the architect company X-Tu Architectes, following the specifications of the client.

Creating unique pieces for each selected environment.


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