Forum des Images – Paris – 2008

by | Aug 24, 2016


Dedicated to the consultation of 9 000 digital documents from the Forum’s collection, the Salle des Collections can welcome up to 86 visitors and offers optimal comfort with state-of-the-art ergonomics, soundproofing and architecture. In its 1,312 ft² (400 m²) space four types of viewing possibilities coexist, each destined for specific usage.

Dedicated to leisure consultations, the Grand Salon––the main space covering 656 ft² (200 m²)––holds 16 individual screens to be used for one or two persons. Eight alcoves offer individual consultation screens with more privacy. Two adjoining Petits Salons are reserved for groups of seven people maximum who wish to share a film with family or friends. Adapted to collective use, the Petit Amphithéâtre can welcome up to 32 visitors for group consultations and research. This space, adapted to group tutorials and workshops, puts a variety of tools at the instructor’s disposal, including a big-screen video projector and access to a corpus of digital media. Whether they come alone, in workgroups, with family or friends, visitors can also obtain advice and guidance concerning the full range of available services and the prolific collection.


Project Details

Client Forum des Images
Date  2008
Architect: X-TU architects

Custom made furniture

After a period of 3 to 4 months, Quinze & Milan finalized the drawings from the architect company X-Tu Architectes, following the specifications of the client. Creating unique pieces for each selected environment.  

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