SDC-lab is specialized in the production of coated foam furniture. We are also the producer of all Quinze & MilanTM products


We want to offer creative architects and clients the opportunity to realize their designs. This aspect is one of our strengths. SDC_lab is the right partner for translating your ideas into the right product with the best finish.


With the “platform for furniture,” we offer architects and designers a range of solutions to turn their ideas into reality. Whether their idea is a piece of seating furniture in coated foam,  a sofa for outside, or a lounge armchair in a combination between upholstery and metal, integration of technology, or prototyping …

Everything is negotiable!

Within this platform for furniture, several new concepts have already been developed and some groundbreaking studies have been started e. g. 3D printing.


Respect for the planet, nature and human values is very important. Mobility, for example, has been consciously switched over here: employees are motivated to come to work by bicycle (80%). A pleasant environment is created where our employees or visitors can feel at home.

Swatch HQ Biel (CH-2019)
Townhall ‘t Scheep – Hasselt
Bibliothek Bahnhof Luckenwalde
HYUNDAI Office & Lounge
Steno Diabetic Centre
Borg Gymnasium Neulengbach