Our story

A platform for furniture

The story of SDC LAB begins in 2014.
SDC was in the beginning a pure coating facility for all kinds of coating processes. They operated for various clients. After some years we concluded a deal with Quinze & Milan Designers. They had a collection of furniture under the label Quinze & Milan.   After some time, SDC also took over the commercialization of the Quinze & Milan collections.

In 2019 SDC took a new step In response to the changed market needs of their customers (architects and end customers), SDC decided to continue under the name SDC_lab. The reference to the lab part comes mainly from the fact that SDC is constantly looking for unique solutions for its clients. Innovation and originality are contained in our daily thinking.

Our Story & Mission

Collections :
SDC is the exclusive producer of all Quinze & MilanTM products. We are also responsible for commercialization. Besides, SDC also developed a number of its own collections such as Nora (in collaboration with Lionel Doyen) and collections in collaboration with other designers such as Patrick Rampelotto and Kazuko Okamoto. In the following years, some innovative product lines will be presented.


a growing need and void in the market was filled with our customization section. Here we want to offer creative architects and clients the opportunity to see their own designs realized. Customization in the broadest sense of the word. No question or challenge is too much for us.


SDC_lab takes the next step and wants to profile itself even further in this innovative customization. With the “platform for furniture,” we offer architects and designers a range of solutions to turn their ideas into reality. Whether their idea is a piece of seating furniture in coated foam, a sofa for outside, or a lounge armchair in a combination between upholstery and metal, integration of technology, or prototyping … Everything is negotiable.

Within this platform for furniture, several new concepts have already been developed and some groundbreaking studies have been started (3D printing).



SDC_lab is a very agile company due to its flat and open structure.

Business ethics are “down to Earth”. To be a driven and fully-fledged partner for our contacts from a realistic point of view. Every assignment starts with listening to the client.

Our environment

Respect for the planet, nature, and human values are very important to us. Mobility, for example, has been consciously switched over here: employees are motivated to come to work by bicycle (80% in 2020).  A pleasant environment is created in which our employees can feel at home. 

Cradle to cradle and reuse

Productions are done with respect for the planet and people. Cradle to cradle and reuse are commonplace for us.  The use of ecological and recycled materials is encouraged as much as possible.

our production facility is located in belgium.

head office

Vliegveld 13

8560 WEVELGEM – Belgium 

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info(at)sdclab.eu+32 56 24 05 90


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