Acà allà 1_table

Acà Allà is a modular seating concept allowing creative freedom. ( Here & There )

> The system consists of 2 leg types and various seating modules. The seating modules come in 3 different widths ( 60cm / 120cm / 180cm ) and can accommodate one, two or three persons.

> Acà Allà

> Design by Björn Vande Vijvere, 2020

> This design started with the idea of building a piece of furniture that adapts to the needs of the user. It was important to me to design a system that was able to ‘grow’ by adding more features to the base parts. I love it when someone else can use my work as the basis for his own creativity. Therefore the design has been kept very clean, simple and very modular. One could form a long swirling line with my design, a circle for a more intimate feeling or scatter it around throughout the space. Hence the name “acca alla”, two words often used in Latin America: Somewhere over here.. Somewhere over there.. I am very curious to see what people will come up with when they start using it...