Airbench 01 single

As an ultimate communication tool, an Airbench setting creates a landscape of human interaction. Available in variable shapes — crosses, rectangles or meanders — airbenches are multifunctional and modular, offering endless combination possibilities. Airbenches Small and Large move tortuously in public spaces. You can choose the best combination for your needs and personalize and experiment with the innumerous possibilities the airbench can give you.

Airbench single is standard available with single or double seating integration. The backrest part is an option for a custom Airbench single. Custom colors or sizes are available upon request.

  • 214cm / 84″ wide
  • 61cm / 24″ deep
  • 44cm / 17″ hight


  • QM Foam | QM Plus
  • QM Tex
  • QM Upholstered (CAT 1 | CAT 2 | COM)
  • Wood

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