Circular Material Center Kortrijk – POM West-Vlaanderen

a project by Expononza

At SDC_lab we have been working with recycled foam for some years now. Officially launched back in 2016, we have been working on finetuning the process to handle this foam and turn it into useful circular material.

When Exponanza was commissioned to shape the Circular Materials Center in Kortrijk, they contacted us to work on some custom elements.

Recycled foam with our renovated transparent coating was used on seating benches, but we also changed the seating on the low stools into surprising elements.

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From the website of Exponanza:

Scenographic design of the Circular Materials Center in Kortrijk

Exponanza set up the lobby and workshop space of the Circular Materials Center on behalf of the POM West Flanders, the provincial agency for entrepreneurs. The Circular Materials Center in Kortrijk is the new West Flemish hub for circular and innovative materials in the textile and plastics sector.

For the design of the Circular Materials Center, we researched down to a raw material level which local partners could work with. The furniture in the large lobby is made of sheet material from recycled household plastic waste. The flexible, acoustic walls consist of recycled PET, the curtains are woven locally. Part of the reception area is designed as a changing showcase for innovative products. The best practices of small start-ups, large multinationals and individual innovative ideas come together on this inspiring wall-of-fame.

We have also consistently used materials for the creative experience space, the Activity Center Of Circular Materials. In the Activity Center, young people are introduced to the wonderful world of new materials through interactive workshops.



Project Details

Client: Exponanza
Date: 2020

Circular Material Center – POM West-Vlaanderen Kortrijk (BE)