Oase – sensory spaces for Het GielsBos

a custom project by Bailleul ontwerpbureau Gent

Custom Oasis. Sensory spaces for Het GielsBos

custom coated foam blocs

The GielsBos is a safe and secure home for children and adults with mental and/or physical disabilities. Here the counselors are always looking for new and better ways to receive their clients as well as possible. 

A pavilion was set up with three sensory spaces. In these areas, they want to stimulate or relax their clients. There are three zones: the experience oasis, the play oasis, and the quiet oasis. In these areas, counselors are provided with the tools to feed their clients, make them laugh and stimulate, challenge, or just calm them down.

In the custom design, the architects paid a lot of attention to aesthetics and beautiful materials. A pleasant atmosphere and beautiful experience are just as important for people with a physical or mental disability as for people without disabilities. In all their projects they are strongly committed to integral accessibility, but in Het GielsBos they are taking this even further.

Welcome to an oasis of play and tranquility The experience already starts at the front door. As soon as the clients enter the pavilion, their senses are stimulated.

source website https://bailleul.be/nl/projecten/oase-zintuiglijke-ruimte-voor-het-gielsbos

Project Details

Client: Het GielsBos Gierle

architect: Bailleul Ontwerpbureau Gent

Contractor: Vanhout.pro
Date: 2019

Custom made foam items




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