T- Factory by SK Telecom

a project by RAD Hong Kong – customized coated foam

The result of this very nice project is a good example of how we have to improvise during these harsh Covid19 times. The complete project for the new flagship store of SK Telecom was handled directly with the architects from RAD in Hong Kong. In close cooperation, we were able to finalize their designs into some diverse but stunning custom-made projects.

Thanks for this confidence and we see that people can already appreciate the T-factory store in Seoul.  The new flagship store also hosts the official Apple store in Seoul.

From the website of RAD.HK

In an age of online retail, is an offline store still viable today?
Growing from telecommunication company to Information Communications Technology (ICT) company, SK Telecom opened the first flagship store – T Factory – where offline and online experiences are seamlessly connected.
The project begins with a central point, from which radiates the organizing grid and expanding in concentric circuits. The intersection of the circuit and grid generates modules to host various experiences, products, and services; the Circuit generates the pathways for each customer to chart their own journey.
Organized by circuit and grid, all store elements are flexible and modular to allow countless permutations of their components, layout and location to meet the changing needs, trends, and technology.
The entire storefront transforms into 24-hour unmanned store, planned with human-oriented values.


source RAD.HK


Project Details

Client: SK Telecom (Ewelina Tereszczenko, Halina Lee)

architect: RAD Hong Kong

Contractor: DUOMO
Date: 2020

Custom made foam items