Bibliotheek Xaverianen Brugge (BE-2020-2021)

DOK, RPBW sofa for the parents & UDA modular poufs for kids library

Library Xaverianen Brugge
UDA in QM TEX & NORA sofa in Gabriel Step & DOK with power integrations

After handling the new furniture for the Library ‘Biekorf’ in Brugge with our superb QM Tex finishing, we have been invited to help this library in Sint-Kruis Brugge.  We produced our UDA furniture in the QM Tex finishing. This model is to be used in different ways. So it’s up to the kids to discover all possibilities while choosing their best books.  Parents can enjoy the NORA sofa which gives them the room to sit back and help their children discover a diversity of books.

UDA designed by SDC_lab – NORA designed by Lionel Doyen – DOK designed by FIVE AM

Project Details

Client: Bibliotheek Xaverianen Brugge
Date: 2020-2021



UDA play with foam

When our team was asked to work on the idea of creating new elements for a playground in a school, one of our designers came up with the idea of creating a shape where all types of kids could find their relief. Kids who wants to sit still could do so, but the kids who wants to keep moving finds a perfect tool in this seating element. Can be used as a swing seat, a fixed pouf or even as a small table.

Uda has been produced in 3 different sizes and in different finishings.