One Campus Barco

A fine example of modern architecture that underscores the innovative, international nature of Barco. A convivial campus that warmly welcomes Barco’s (potential) customers, business partners and suppliers. And most of all: an enjoyable, inspiring and flexible work environment where Barco employees feel at home and where applicants would be delighted to work. The new Barco One Campus at the Kennedypark and Beneluxpark in Kortrijk, where Barco is centralizing all its Belgian activities , is all that – and much more besides.

Project Details

Client BARCO KORTRIJK Date February 2016 Architect: Jaspers-Eyers, lead architect John Eyers Contractor: Cordeel Start: December 2013 Total number of people on the campus: 1,250 Total surface area of the campus: 58,000 m²
Dai Sofa 01 design by Kazuko Okamoto

Dai Sofa 01

Kazuko Okamoto creates designs combining fun and function.

Fun? A perfect cut out Dai Ottoman right out the Dai Sofa.   Function? Extending the sofa with a table piece attached to the sofa. Put your laptop on your sofa!   Put up your feet on the Ottoman! Recreation all in one piece of foam.

Drawings refer to the left version, the right version comes at the same price. DAI SOFA is also available upholstered in leather and fabric.

Custom colors or sizes are available upon request.


As an ultimate communication tool, an Airbench setting creates a landscape of human interaction. Available in variable shapes — crosses, rectangles or meanders — airbenches are multifunctional and modular, offering endless combination possibilities. Airbenches Small and Large move tortuously in public spaces. You can choose the best combination for your needs and personalize and experiment with the innumerous possibilities the airbench can give you. On the Airbench Single and Double, people receive glimpes of each other and they can start communicating out of curiousity. People will get interwoven by interaction. Due to the philosophy behind them, Airbenches are the ideal communication tools in public areas; musea, exhibitions, libraries, lounges, airports, waiting areas, among a myriad of possibilities. Mix and match!  You can mount your personalized airbench, just contact us with your request.

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